• What is Paymaster Payroll ?

Paymaster Payroll is a comprehensive software application that contains all the tools you need to process payroll fast, smoothly and accurately.

  • How much does Paymaster Payroll cost?

We have solutions starting at TT$1500. Please contact us via email for a quote.

  • Can payslips be emailed to employees?

Yes, pay-slips can be sent to employees via email directly form the software.

  • Can we deposit salaries directly to the employee’s bank account?

Yes, ACH files can de uploaded to your bank for distribution.

  • Can TD4’s be printed directly from the software?

Yes, approved TD4 slips can be printed on plain paper or the forms supplied by Inland Revenue.

  • Is there integration with timeclocks?

Yes, we have solutions for fingerprint, rfid cards and face ID clocks that provides for seamless data transfer of employee attendance into the software.